I want to install stockfish to winBoard 4.4.5. But winBoard 4.4.5 doesn't seem to have the same protocol as stockfish. Is there a way to do it on windows 10? I would like to install the latest version of stockfish to winBoard 4.4.5.


Stockfish supports the UCI protocol, Winboard supports the Xboard (or CECP) protocol. What you're looking for is a Winboard to UCI adapter, that sits between Winboard and Stockfish and does the translations between the two protocols.

The other alternative is using a chess GUI that supports UCI, e.g. Arena, ChessX, scid. even give Tarrasch a try.

  • You didn't answer my question. My question is how to install stockfish to winBoard 4.4.5? Apr 9 at 15:21
  • It looks like Polyglot is the way to connect Winboard to UCI engines. It's being retired from Winboard, but should still be part of a Winboard installation. See here: chessprogramming.org/PolyGlot -- if the polyglot files aren't part of the Winboard install, I'd suggest downloading an older version of Winboard (Jan 2018 or earlier)
    – MikeD
    Apr 10 at 11:28

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