For Position 1r2k1r1/pq1b1p2/1p1Rp1p1/2p1P3/2B2P2/P1N1K1P1/1P2Q3/8 b - -

stockfish analysis ouput is like

info depth 12 seldepth 17 multipv 1 score cp 258 nodes 80180 nps 76874 hashfull 14 tbhits 0 time 1043 pv b6b5 c3e4 b5c4 e4f6 e8f8 f6d7 f8g7 d7b8 g8b8 d6d2 b7b3 e3e4 c4c3 b2c3 b3a3 d2d3

info depth 13 seldepth 22 multipv 1 score cp 130 nodes 122237 nps 81437 hashfull 25 tbhits 0 time 1501 pv b6b5 c4d3

As you can see stockfish only show 2 moves sequences for depth 13 b6b5 c4d3,

Can I somehow force stockfish to show at least 5 moves sequences?

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    The only way to get a longer line from Stockfish is to wait. Basically if Stockfish shows such a short line it does not know itself how the line continues. But if you wait, eventually it will hopefully figure it out. – koedem Mar 15 at 15:38
  • @koedem Thanks for commenting:) – beginner Mar 16 at 10:14

You can't. That's how Stockfish internally works. You are going to need to check your previous line with the current line. If the current line has fewer moves, discard it.

  • Thanks, it was helpful : ) – beginner Mar 16 at 10:13

There's no setting to get Stockfish to display the next X moves. This is for technical reasons: when a search fails high or fails low (see also aspiration window), Stockfish doesn't know what the next X moves are going to be either, it just knows what the current best move it has found is.

That said if you wait longer, Stockfish will eventually display a longer principal variation.

  • Thanks for your help:) – beginner Mar 16 at 10:13

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