I have looked in a lot of places, but I can't find good places to learn chess. I am at the stage where I know basic chess strategies, but my rating is still below average. I can't find a source longer than a short article to learn from. Any suggestions? I can't really pay for things (my main roadblock) but I can if I have to. Thanks!!!

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I'm an older player (84), but in my youth I read several chess manuals which explained all the basics and gave hints for improvement, such as books by I.A.Horowitz, Fred Reinfeld and Reuben Fine. These are still available on eBay at reasonable prices. And there are certainly more modern books that cover the same area, by Bruce Pandolfini, Jeremy Sillman, and Yasse Seirawan for example. But now in the era of the computer and the Internet, there is a readily available source of this information at your fingertips. Just Google tips for chess improvement. GM Arthur Bisguier for instance has written "Ten Tips for Winning Chess" which you can find there. And I'm sure there are countless others. Then there's "YouTube" which has many free chess tutorials and also game analyses, such as by Agadmator and Mato. I watch them there myself. Those are all good starting places. And of course you have to supplement what you learn by applying it in actual play. Good luck on your chess journey!


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It really depends which chess learning stage you are.. If you are absolute beginner , either sign up for chess lessons on some popular chess websites. Understand the basics of chess. How to move pieces , rules of chess , Openings , Middle Game and Endgame.

Once you learn all that and become an intermediate player , learn about variations in openings , tactics in Middle Game and How to win Endgames.

I hope these two phases should keep you busy for a relatively long time.

I run a chess channel on youtube however I am not a chess expert and I am also learning just like you. I do share some of the chess content that I study. Feel free to watch those videos. But remember , if you want to learn chess , study books and sign up for a good chess website.


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