I am regularly analyzing games of grandmasters and now I want to check the classics. Who do you recommend to me as a positional player? Thanks.

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    I think this question, though good, can be improved by providing more information. For example, for a beginner studying Morphy games will provide a lot of positional insights, many times Morphy outplayed their opponents positionally before executing the attack. While a more advanced player who is interested in IQP positions would do better studying Botvinnik's games.
    – Akavall
    Jan 30 at 20:00
  • Smyslov
  • Fischer
  • Karpov
  • Keres
  • Anand
  • Kramnik
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    I would add Petrosian to this mix, but otherwise fantastic list! Jan 29 at 21:40
  1. Alexander Alekhine
  2. Aron Nimzowitsch
  3. Emanuel Lasker
  4. Akiba Rubenstein
  5. Siegbert Tarrasch
  6. And many, many more! You can analyze some of their games here!
  • I think Capablanca would be a good addition to this list.
    – Akavall
    Jan 30 at 19:54

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