Lichess publishes tactics problems which can be downloaded from database.lichess.org.

The file is in csv format. Which software can be used to read and play positions from this csv file?

  • lichess can do it itself if you have the game id - i didn't look into the csv - it would be good if you add an example line to your question - i assume the game id is one of the columns. I also created an opensource python frontend lichess.bitplan.com which you could use as a basis for further work on this. Commented Jan 2, 2021 at 11:45

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The format of the file is described here. According to this, the name of the columns are: PuzzleId, FEN, Moves, Rating, RatingDeviation, Popularity, NbPlays, Themes, GameUrl.

I do not know of any software to deal directly with this type of file. But (I see you're a software engineer) it's not difficult to write a snippet to convert the csv file (mainly columns FEN and Moves) to a pgn file that could be opened with any chess database manager.

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