In the Queen's Gambit TV series (S01E01), when the young protagonist loses her queen (she just started to learn), her teacher tells her that this is the moment when she is expected to resign. When she does not want to he refuses to play further despite her asking, explaining that it is a matter of sportsmanship.

You can view the fragment here: https://youtu.be/0U01Hz62Tu4?t=37

Of course the position on the board is not known, I was interested in this in the context of the culture of chess.

Is it indeed bad taste to continue in a lost position?

Wouldn't such considerations as remaining time or the possibility of the other player to make a mistake be taken into account?

I completely understand that the TV series is, well, a series (though apparently chess players are happy with the depiction of the game) and that drama is added for various reasons (her will to fight etc.) - so this is a question about real life chess culture more than strict rules.


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