I found a different kind of problem, a serieshelpmate. I'm trying to get better by thinking outside of the box and solving different types of puzzles. So I found this one but I'm kind of stuck.

[FEN "1q4Nr/4K2k/8/8/8/8/1R6/8 w - - 0 1"]

Now, Black makes 5 legal moves without a reply from White. After that White gives a mate in 1. How? I am familiar with the rook and knight mate but I just can't see it.

(@NoamElkies found the source, with solution: Robert Pye, Irish Chess Union, November 2018)

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I found the solution by noting that

  • the rook can cover either one column or row
  • the knight already covers f6 and h6, so it's logical to let the rook take care of the g-file
  • we need the other black pieces to block the king's escape (but not being able to interpose a check by the rook)

It turns out that this sequence works:

1... Kg7 2... Rh1 3... Qh2 4... Qh8 5... Rh7 6. Rg2#

You can test it in the Replayer Sandbox; it supports null moves.

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    Mr. Moderator, is it permissible to post chess problems without acknowledging the source?
    – bof
    Commented Dec 11, 2020 at 23:30
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    We don't have an explicit policy for this like Puzzling. I agree it would be good to credit the source, let's hope the OP comes back and adds it. Or somebody else who has seen this puzzle before.
    – Glorfindel
    Commented Dec 12, 2020 at 8:10
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    Is it not official policy of stack exchange (if widely flouted) that all quoted matter must be attributed?
    – bof
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    Sure, but copyright infringement claims are to be directed to the company, not to moderators. I'll have a look if I can find the source, that will be a nice puzzle as well :)
    – Glorfindel
    Commented Dec 12, 2020 at 8:41
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    Apparently due to Robert Pye of Ireland, see yacpdb.org/download/WCCI2016-18/G/G016-Pye,%20Robert.pdf (which has several other nice series helpmates). Commented Feb 1, 2021 at 2:32

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