I read somewhere that playing and making moves otb is better than online for improvement. Is this true?

  • If you plan to play tournaments which are played on a physical board, you should practice with a physical board. Otherwise you will find yourself "blind". If you only play online, sticking to it is fine.
    – B.Swan
    Oct 27 '20 at 7:41

I play most (>95%) of my games online, and when I play with a real board, I find a bit difficult to translate positions I already played and the visual pattern matching of tactical situations takes longer. Not to look at the board then, helps a bit.

So, I think, when you prepare for a board tournament, or something like this, preparing on a real board will help. When you only play online all the time, it doesn't matter.


They're pretty much the same thing once you get used to both, specially for long games. In Blitz, you'll be able to move a bit faster or slower depending on how much you've practiced and the difference could be critical.

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