Of the chess players who could reasonably be considered the best in the world in at least one year in history, how far back would you have to go before one of them would lose to a 2020 Candidate Master (or FM or IM) in a classical game? How would historical figures such as Steinitz or McDonnell or Ruy López fare against the different ranks of titled players?

(Going back far enough, mileage on rules like castling or stalemate may vary. If you think it makes a difference which player's version of rules is used then give the answer both ways.)

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    Edited to express what I intended, classical. – A.M. Aug 15 at 22:20
  • Every single world champion would wipe the floor with "candidate masters" (which are nothing more than amateurs, and not particularly strong ones) of today. So you'd have to go far, far back – David Aug 15 at 23:17

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