I've once saw a joke chess study about castling vertically. However, I have forgotten who has composed it. I remember that in the positions, all the pawns were locked, but not much else. Does anybody know who was the composer of this problem?

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I believe this is the position with White to mate in 3:

[Title "Tim Krabbé, Schaakbulletin 1972, Mate In 3"]
[FEN "8/8/4P3/3p4/2p3p1/1pP1kPPp/1P5P/R3K2R w KQkq - 0 1"]

Max Pam found a loophole in the rules, and Tim Krabbé exploited it when he composed this problem in 1972.

There are 3 variations depending on Black's responses with the third variation being vertical castling.

  1. 1.e7 Kd3 2.e8=R gxf3 3.0-0-0#.
  2. 1.e7 Kxf3 2.e8=R d4 3.0-0#.
  3. 1.e7 Kxf3 2.e8=R Kg2 3.0-0-0-0#!.

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