My boyfriend has an old beige/white Chronos II that needs repair. I've decided that perhaps purchasing a new clock for his birthday would be a better idea than my original idea (a chess coffee table book...really for me to improve the apartment decor!). But now after looking around I see it is very hard to acquire the Touch Chronos II. Can anyone recommend a suitable replacement? Hopefully one that complies with FIDE regulations and has tactile buttons.

  • Also: OR should I splurge on the the one listing of the Chronos II on eBay ($299 obo)?! Aug 1, 2020 at 21:00

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Section 5.5 of the FIDE handbook lists the following approved clocks:

5.5. The electronic chess clocks endorsed by the FIDE
5.5.1. DGT XL (year 2007)
5.5.2. DGT 2010 (year 2010)
5.5.3. Silver Timer (year 2007)
5.5.4. Sistemco (year 2009)
5.5.5. DGT 3000 (year 2014)
5.5.6. CE Clock (year 2017)
5.5.7. KK9908 Clock (year 2017)

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