Games with consecutive en passants, that is one side makes two en passats captures in a row, are few and far between to my knowlegde. I only know of one example thanks to Tim Krabbe.

Kudrin-R Douven, 1989

Can anyone find more games that have this unique feature?

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I searched through all of the 1 317 676 games in The Week in Chess found two that fit the criteria.

  1. H Dang vs D H Nguyen, 2015
  2. P Ponkratov vs V Fedoseev, 2016
  • Out of curiosity, which language was used and how long did the search take to run? Was it run on the PGN database directly or was the database pre-processed into another type of database?
    – mowwwalker
    Nov 30, 2020 at 17:40

Here's a game with three consecutive en passants. The catch is that it's a proof game composition, rather than an over the board event. But it's spectacular because there is a completely unique sequence of moves ending with Black's 17th move to reach the diagram. This is the only known sound proof game for this task. Even reaching one en passant is not trivial in a proof game - a lot harder than forcing castling! There are no famous players here, but the composer is the well-known French ex-fighter pilot Thierry Le Gleuher.

I have not included the game yet because some might enjoy solving it.

[Title "Thierry Le Gleuher - R028c Probleemblad 01/1999 - 2. Preis ex aequo "]
[fen "6nr/p3b1p1/1k2bqp1/1p6/8/Kppp4/P4PPP/RNBQ1BNR w - - 0 1"]

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