I'm currently working on an image based FEN generator. I found a paper doing the same and they have used Stockfish to calculate the most probable piece configurations.

Now I wonder if Stockfish has this functionality or if they implemented it on their own. Does anybody know more about this, as it would be extremely helpful for my project?

enter image description here

On pages 7-8, the paper gives information on what they did.

Utilizing a chess engine: We utilized the open-source Stockfish engine, which allows us to calculate the most probable piece configurations. By calculating the prob-abilities of all possible configurations, we could choose the most probable candidate (see Figure 7). Additionally, we strengthened this method by utilizing large-scale chess game statistics in the manner proposed by Acher and Es-nault Acher and Esnault (2016).

  • they probably played games with it and noted the results. python-chess can help with that – Sopel Jun 18 at 9:30
  • The section of the paper you refer to is not well explained, in my opinion. My understanding of it, based on the technique borrowed from the referenced paper by Ding 2016, is that several possible board configurations based on piece probabilities are given to stockfish to score. I would assume that scores which suggest a heavy imbalance between the two sides are rejected as being improbable in an active game. In my view, the approach should have been explained in more detail so as to be reproducible by others. – kentdjb Jun 18 at 21:42

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