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What do the numbers in the top right corner signify?

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    They are called 'timestamps'. Personally, I find them distracting and so I found a way of turning them off in the Chess.com settings. – Joe Jun 3 at 19:56

Those are the times taken for the moves.
So e4 took 0.1 seconds,
e5 took 6.2 seconds and
Nf3 took 7.7 seconds.

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  • I see. I thought that the game was being analyzed and these were the scores. However, I played a very good move but it still showed a small score so I was surprised. – Mohammad Zuhair Khan Jun 3 at 19:52
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    e5 took 6.2 seconds, not 0.2. – Stephen Jun 3 at 21:16
  • @Stephen Thanks for spotting what my ageing eyes failed to spot! Now fixed. – Brian Towers Jun 3 at 21:38
  • Sometimes the move times can be used to indicate / back up the notion that a player has used an engine, particularly those who take a similar time for each move regardless of whether they are obvious or not. – CashCow Jun 4 at 15:40

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