Similar questions have been asked before here or here. Still I think it would be more useful to have these resources listed by level. There is not much point for a beginner to listen to a GM explaining long lines and deep positional ideas. Similarly an advanced player does not want to learn about how the knight moves. So the question is:

What are freely available resources for annotated or commented games and in what category of audience would you put them?

I am looking for:

  • written and audio and video
  • names of players/streamers...
  • names of concrete events (e.g. banter blitz with ..., commentary on tournament... by ...)
  • can overlap levels but preferrably not cover more than two levels

So just saying chess24 is not enough as that includes a whole range of levels.

For the levels I suggest the chess.com system (but am open to alternatives) In any case that would be just a rough guideline:

  • beginner <1400
  • intermediate 1400 - 2000
  • expert 2000 - 2200
  • Master 2200+

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