Given that in GM Simon William's book The Killer Dutch, Williams says that the Sicilian and the Dutch are mirror images of each other, as Williams states "If you look at the first move, you can see that the two openings are similar, due to the fact the initial pawn structures of both openings are actually mirror images of each other." (Williams, 32) What Sicilian Defence variation has the most similarity to the Dutch? In the sense of pawn structures, middlegame plans, and strategic ideas? From what I observe it seems to me like the Scheveningen is similar to the classical variation of the Dutch.

Which variation do you think is most similar?

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    It may be a mirror image left-to-right, but really, with the exception of playing on the side near the f/c-pawn, the similarities end there as far as I am concerned. – PhishMaster Mar 23 at 20:26
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    Which Dutch? Leningrad and Classical are really quite different. For frequency reasons, both of them are called Dutch, but that really makes about as much sense as calling both Nimzo-Indian and King's Indian the same opening because they both start 1. d4 Nf6 – Alexander Woo Mar 23 at 20:38
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    By the way, if they were remotely similar, the Dutch would be the most popular response to 1.d4, but it is a distant fourth. – PhishMaster Mar 23 at 20:42
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    Even 1.c4 e5 where King's pawn and Queen's bishop pawns are moved (just like Sicilian) is not very similar to Sicilian, and now you moved Queen pawn and Kings Bishop pawn. Dutch and Sicilian are very different. – Akavall Mar 24 at 0:14

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