Shouldn't 1...Nf8 win here too? Why not?

[FEN "r2qk2r/pp1nnp1N/4p1pQ/3pP3/4b1PP/P1B5/1PP1B3/R3KR2 b Qq - 0 1"]

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    You could have just put the position in an engine and it would have told you. You don't have to ask the StackExchange about that. – SubhanKhan Feb 25 at 4:54
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    It loses due to Nf6#. – SubhanKhan Feb 25 at 4:55
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    @SubhanKhan Not everyone is that experienced, or has the tools that you may have, or know how to get them...or even that they exist. – PhishMaster Feb 25 at 16:00
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    What is the full problem? – John Feb 25 at 20:24
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    The title should read "1...Nf8," or else the post should be able to specify that it's Black's move, because I was momentarily very confused as to why White should play 1.Nf8. – Bladewood Feb 25 at 23:19

Frankly, you overlooked a major detail...Nf6+ in reply is mate. It is important to notice your "opponent's" moves too.

 [FEN "r2qk2r/pp1nnp1N/4p1pQ/3pP3/4b1PP/P1B5/1PP1B3/R3KR2 b Qq - 0 1"]

 1... Nf8 $4 (1... Ng8! 2. Qg7 (2. Nf6+ Qxf6 $1) 2... Qxh4+ 3. Kd2 Qxh7) 2. Nf6#
  • Nf6 is not only mate, but also wins the rook on h8 due to the discovered attack ;-). Unlike in the line Ng8, black does not have the reply Qxf6 here... – user1583209 Feb 26 at 15:52

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