If a Woman Grandmaster (WGM) transitions to a man, does he retain the WGM title?

Related, but not part of this question: Are there any rules for transgender players in chess? which establishes that if a male GM transitions to a woman, she does not instantly acquire the WGM title, but says nothing about the reverse situation.


FIDE has not ruled on that possibility yet. No national federation is known to have ruled on that yet.

A related case is going to the US Supreme court that might influence how others do eventually rule should such an event ever actually happen.

  • Could you expand on that case? – LokiRagnarok Feb 25 at 8:59
  • Females who lost a race and the chance to participate in the state championship and win scholarships are suing males who claim they are females for violation of us law title9. It will be interesting to see what comes out of this. clearly there are only two sexes although some people are very confused sometimes being misled by evil teachers or others trying to encourage them to change their sex which is metaphysically impossible. – edwina oliver Feb 25 at 14:44

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