Games with two en passants in them are are uncommon, and games with three are exceeding rare, and four has never been achieved as far as I know.

I only know of four games with three en passant captures in them, with game #2 arguably being the most famous one because of Tim Krabbe.

  1. A S Segal-K H Podzielny, 1980

  2. Kudrin-R Douven, 1989

  3. G N Gopal-S Zhigalko, 2005

  4. Naiditsch-B Predojevic, 2006

Can more games with three en passants that exist be found?


I made a program that reads PGN files that contain thousands of games.
It read 1 317 676 games and found six that fit the criteria.

  1. A Bitalzadeh vs E L'Ami, 2013
  2. I Shahaliyev vs E Ghaem Maghami, 2014
  3. M Petrov vs M Ozdover, 2016
  4. Vi Balint vs G Kjartansson, 2017
  5. J Bonin vs M Paragua, 2019
  6. N Berry vs A Roy, 2019

More could be found. I downloaded all the 1.3 million games from The Week in Chess.


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