Games with two en passants in them are are uncommon, and games with three are exceeding rare, and four has never been achieved as far as I know.

I only know of four games with three en passant captures in them, with game #2 arguably being the most famous one because of Tim Krabbe.

  1. A S Segal-K H Podzielny, 1980

  2. Kudrin-R Douven, 1989

  3. G N Gopal-S Zhigalko, 2005

  4. Naiditsch-B Predojevic, 2006

Can more games with three en passants that exist be found?

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    Nobody can know that until a computer has played every possible game and counted them. Not every game is in the databases. More games are played by less skilled players that are never in such databases and many games were played before computers made it feasible to capture every game and its moves. – edwina oliver Feb 21 at 21:37
  • I would love to help, but ChessBase is not very intuitive when it comes to searching for en passant. – PhishMaster Feb 21 at 23:26
  • @RewanDemontay en passant is not that common although it happens often enough to not be a rarity. and with it not really being easy to find in a database I doubt that we can get an answer to this query. it might be more interesting to show the moves for the maximum number of ep captures. pretty sure 8 is the max. – edwina oliver Feb 22 at 3:32
  • What format do these databases exist in? Are they simply lists of PGNs or something else? I'm confident a script that would be able to identify en passant from a PGN would not be difficult to write. I don't currently have access to them, is there a free resource to download some (smaller/incomplete) databases? I'd be happy to give it a go – Darren H Feb 22 at 15:22

I made a program that reads PGN files that contain thousands of games.
It read 1 317 676 games and found six that fit the criteria.

  1. A Bitalzadeh vs E L'Ami, 2013
  2. I Shahaliyev vs E Ghaem Maghami, 2014
  3. M Petrov vs M Ozdover, 2016
  4. Vi Balint vs G Kjartansson, 2017
  5. J Bonin vs M Paragua, 2019
  6. N Berry vs A Roy, 2019

More could be found. I downloaded all the 1.3 million games from The Week in Chess.

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  • Yeah! If you make another question then I will probably answer that. I enjoyed searching for these games. There were bugs in the program. I will update that list if I manage to fix those and find new games. – Kasper Kivimäki Jul 17 at 7:00

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