Hello fellow chess players, I´ve recently returned to the learning of this game and as I forgot several ideas on deep mechanics, I read (again) My System , from Nimzowitsch and found it very useful but, I want to learn more about pawn structures and positional ideas. Would you reccomend me some books ? thanks a lot. :)

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  • I just added an updated list of books here: chess.stackexchange.com/questions/22971/… – PhishMaster Feb 14 at 10:44

I think the chess youtuber with the channel that goes by the name of Hanging Pawns has a lot of good explanations about structure/openings. I downloaded a very nice book about it, but I suspect that I'm not yet on the appropriate level to concentrate on it, the book is called: Chess Structures: A Grandmaster Guide - by Mauricio Flores Rios.

  • That book is not free. If it is out there like that, it is an illegal copy, and thus, you should not be promoting its dissemination. – PhishMaster Feb 14 at 10:05
  • Oh, ok. I did not knew that is against the rules here. – Marcelo Feb 15 at 2:09

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