In yesterday's Tata Steel tournament in this game between Dubov and Artemiev this position was reached:

[title "Dubov - Artemiev Tata Steel 2020"]
[fen "r1r5/1p1q1pk1/2n1p1p1/2RpP2p/p2P3P/P1Q3P1/1P3P2/2R1N1K1 w - - 0 1"]

The position is one square/piece away from being a "reverse checkers" position with every piece for one player on one colour and every piece for the other player being on the other colour. Black's king would need to be on a white square (g8 or h7) to be a full "reverse checkers" position.

In an endgame with just a few pieces this would be an everyday occurrence but in positions where both sides have at least 12 pieces, as here, has a full "reverse checkers" position ever been achieved in a FIDE rated standard time control game between two grandmasters?

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    I tried using ChessBase, but it was no help finding that. +1 because I can find no reason for downvoting this question. – PhishMaster Jan 18 at 13:14
  • I guess the likely maximum would be 28 pieces, because opposite colour bishops would need to disappear, and they are unlikely to be traded for one another. I remember a reverse checkers diagram appears at one point in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman saga but I can’t recall the episode – Laska Jan 20 at 13:14

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