I cloned StockFish from GitHub and did a make inside the src folder and found that supported archs are:

  • x86-64-bmi2 > x86 64-bit with pext support (also enables SSE4)
  • x86-64-modern > x86 64-bit with popcnt support (also enables SSE3)
  • x86-64 > x86 64-bit generic
  • x86-32 > x86 32-bit (also enables SSE)
  • x86-32-old > x86 32-bit fall back for old hardware
  • ppc-64 > PPC 64-bit
  • ppc-32 > PPC 32-bit
  • armv7 > ARMv7 32-bit
  • general-64 > unspecified 64-bit
  • general-32 > unspecified 32-bit

I want to build as optimized as possible for my samsung galaxy s10+ running having an arm64-v8a exynos9820 processor.

Which archs should I choose? Will they be optimized as they could be when I build for x86-64-bmi2 for my 64bits ubuntu? If not, how could I optimize them?

(The rather simple idea is that I want to build it to have it as optimized as possible for my mobile phone.)



Seems to show that you have to hack it to get it to compile at all.

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    Yeah for sure the makefile will have to be tweaked but in the link that you provide he uses arch = any still which shows that the build won't be optimized at all for arm64-v8a. – Olorin Jan 18 at 11:41
  • agree - it doesn't seem that it can be optimized in this release. I don't see how anyway. – Michael West Jan 18 at 15:37

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