There are a few resources in the web for problem composers. Problem is the usually assume you are already part of the community. As a result one has to wander around to find out what is a grasshopper, a model mate, etc. I already have access to much of this information, but it would be nice to know of a single source (or few in any case) where one can learn the lingo, history, and the kind of questions that modern composers are interested in.

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    – yrodro
    Sep 12, 2013 at 2:00

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Thanks for the great links above. Here are some more:

  • Great intro tutorials from a fine composer, Peter Wong.

  • Incomplete but still very useful multilingual glossary of the keywords underpinning "Die Schwalbe" online database of 350,000+ problems.

  • Thousands of retro problems with full solutions, and many articles. Minor cavil: there is a little disorganization in article structure following the announcement around 2009 of some technical changes around in castling and e.p. conventions.

  • A popular forum for fairy chess with very good technical articles by top composers.

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