I use Arena. I want to input my game and create a pgn. But I have a problem, because if I make a move, the engine automatically makes a move as well. I want to make moves for white and for black.

I don't know how to switch the engine off.

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Version 3.5: Under the "List of Moves" Panel/TabControl there is a toolbar. The last component on the toolbar is the "Edit" button. The tooltip tells you when this button is down, the engines do not respond and you can enter your moves.

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In the Engines dropdown menu at the top of the screen, you can turn off the engine. This will allow you to make moves for both sides.


Just turn on the Edit button in the toolbar under the move list.


I don't have an answer, but I can't make comments. Neither of these two answers work for me. I don't have an "edit" or "move" option on my toolbar, and when I when I do the "close engine" option, it only works for that one turn--i.e., the engine comes back on as soon as I make a move, so I would have to do it after every single move. Like the original question, I can't find a way to do something that should be incredibly simple--just turn off the engine so I can play a 2-player game. I have Arena 3.5

Update: I didn't find an answer how to do this in Arena, but in another thread I found a user recommended Jerry for this purpose, and it seems to work great.

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