Please tell me of a free and easy to use website for organizing an online correspondence chess competition for kids. Thank you very much.

  • For children, a more immediate rhythm of play may be better than that of correspondence chess, which can be 30 days for ten movements or also five days for every ten movements (each day passed subtracts from the accumulated and when reaching the tenth movement , days are added to the counter).
    – djnavas
    Oct 8 '19 at 6:54

You may want to use the echecsemail website. You can create round-robin tournaments for up to 9 players. For bigger player-pools, you'll have to split them in groups (or maybe talk to the admins).

They also offer the possibility of choosing an alternative starting position (for opening practice purposes mainly)

I hope those kids speak French, though!


You can play correspondence chess (and I believe set up tournaments) on chess.com. While the site is free, paid members do get more features. I'm not sure if any of these features would be relevant to a correspondence tournament though.

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