I have been going through some websites for practising my middle game so that I can get an advantage right away.

What are some good sites for practising the middlegame?

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  • This is too general a question to receive any meaningful answer, what aspects of the middlegame play are you exactly interested in? If you're serious about improving, try to learn about middlegame strategy primarily from books and not sites. And there are plenty of excellently written ones to get started, for instance have a look at the suggestions here. – Phonon Aug 21 at 4:20
  • Did someone say "books"? – David Aug 21 at 7:45
  • @Phonon I have been through multiple books, but all I want some websites so that I can access them from anywhere. – Vijay Rajpurohit Aug 22 at 4:37
  • No @David You heard it wrong. I said Websites for improving middle game tactics. – Vijay Rajpurohit Aug 22 at 4:39
  • @VijayRajpurohit This is the first time you mention tactics. For that, check http;//chesstempo.com – David Aug 22 at 7:06

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