I am using CQL 5 port in SCIDvsPC 4.19, my basic working query in CQL search window currently looks like this:

cql ()
  {player  white "Anand"
   result 1-0}

How would one include FEN string in it? Command line FEN support in version 6 as per http://gadycosteff.com/cql/fen.html and a ton of otherwise excellent tutorials at https://haydoooke.github.io/Scidpp/cqltut.html still don't quite cover how to pass FEN within a query.

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    You cite the fen example file. It says that you use the fen filter, either from a cql file or from command line. Is there something wrong with that -- doesn't it work? (Or is the version relevant? CQL 5 vs CQL 6? If so, you probably can't use it without upgrading.) – user18412 Jul 7 '19 at 15:28
  • I am trying to use it from a ScidVsPC script (either from tcl/command line or from GUI, which I think can both take the same string), so there is no obvious place to pass it as a separate flag. – Joe Jul 11 '19 at 13:22

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