I'm looking for an iPhone app that will allow me to set up a chess problem and work out its solution. I've seen apps that present me with a battery of chess problems but don't allow me to set up my own. I've also seen apps that allow me to play chess starting from the opening position. But I haven't seen one that will allow me to configure the board as I choose. Admittedly I haven't tried every existing iPhone app but none of the ones I've looked at allow this.

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    Smaller Stack Exchange sites often allow them, if they're reasonably scoped. I'd certainly vote to close a question like "What's the best chess app for Android?". This one is a gray area; I'd leave it open but if the community wants it closed, fine by me.
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    @Brandon_J I would like to see the question left open. The fact that five others have tagged it as useful in the first few days indicates that it is of interest. Moreover I didn't regard the answer as a recommendation but rather information about one way to do what I wanted. I would be quite happy to have received a number different answers and tried them all.
    – Al Maki
    Commented Jun 15, 2019 at 15:00

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The only chess app on my iPhone is Stockfish, and it has a menu option Game -> Edit position where you can set up your own board. You'd also have to change the Level/Game mode to 'Two player'.

It's a free app.


Mastersoft makes a Chess app, with similar modes to Glorfindel’s answer.

I do not remember if it was free.

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  • @RewanDemontay tried the old one and youre correct it didnt work... as i said, bizarre Commented Jun 14, 2019 at 15:18

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