For regular chess, I use SCID and it works well. It has database searches, position searches, player stats, and a nice compact file format (i.e. not PGN, which is inefficient and big).

Is there any similar software like the SCID software mentioned above, but for chess variants? I've tried Winboard/XBoard (it reads from PGN, so is slow and bulky, plus it has a slightly stunted search).

An example use case: I would like to organise/search/use a database of only antichess or only atomic games. I should be able to do all (or at least some) of the following:

  • Save/load the database to and from PGN
  • Save/load the database to and from a more compact format than raw text PGN (compare SCID .s*4 or ChessBase .cb* formats for regular chess)
  • Search for games by date/player/rating (or more generally by tag)
  • Play through the games in a GUI (or at least give me a PGN of individual game(s) I view)

Engine support is not a must.

  • Could you give us an example of what you consider to be a "nice compact file format"? Thanks! – Brandon_J Jun 5 at 22:29
  • 1
    The SCID .si4/.sg4/.sn4 formats or the ChessBase .cbv (.cb*) formats are both much more compact than PGN, due to things like better compression of moves and normalisation of data. Even the homebrew compression I tried to write is a factor of 3 better than raw text PGN. – Remellion Jun 6 at 1:51
  • Very nice; thank you! It might be a good idea to edit that information into the question. – Brandon_J Jun 6 at 1:52
  • 1
    I am amazed by how many of the questions on every forum are actually about computers rather than the actual subject – David Jun 6 at 13:40

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