Is there any tool that can help us learn openings by heart? I tried to use Fritz but without success.


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Two well-known programs that are meant specifically to aid in the memorization of opening variations are

  1. Chess Position Trainer
  2. Chess Openings Wizard (formerly Bookup)

Both programs are designed to recognize and handle transpositions seamlessly, and they allow a player to drill all the positions that are part of any repertoires that he or she inputs.


Chessable is famous for learning chess openings by the MoveTrainer space repetition. Check out MoveTrainer at https://www.chessable.com/movetrainer.


Personally I use Chessable. It makes you play through all the variations when you review a course, and there are a bunch of free courses on there that are excellent for getting started with an opening.

The Short & Sweet series is pretty good. Sam Shankland, Anish Giri, and a bunch of other masters have some good S&S courses that are 20-30 lines or so, as they are just a demo version of the massive "Lifetime Repertoires" series. They're great for club players.

There are also free courses published by community members that are more extensive. I used the "Ruy Lopez: Masterclass Edition" course to learn a new opening that I now enjoy immensely.

If those aren't enough for you, you can find some pretty low-priced courses on more or less anything you want. Lifetime Repertoires courses are expensive and have huge numbers of lines, but there are smaller ones you can get for a lower price. For example, I am an owner of "Rafael Leitao's Najdorf Sicilian" which was around $5 and has 150 lines or so.

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