In the below position, I played pawn from g7 to g5, trapping the white bishop. The computer didn't like that at all, and gives white a huge advantage. Instead, it wanted me to just simply develop my light-squared bishop.

What is wrong with my move?

enter image description here

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    Why not play out the next couple moves from the computer analysis and see? I think you’ll find your King side is destroyed and the white queen gets real active fast by playing to h5. – Randy Minder Apr 15 at 3:14
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    Probably because your position is completely busted if he just takes the pawn? I don't understand the point of using analysis without looking at any of the lines. – Matthew Liu Apr 15 at 7:36

You get a bishop in exchange two pawns and initiative for white piece.

This is the explanation: After you go to g5, your opponent can play knight takes g5 and if you recapture the knight with your pawn, queen opponent will go to h5 and it is a check. Your pawn on g5 will be captured in the next move by your opponent queen. Black position is vulnerable and d5 pawn is the weakness that can be exploited by white.


Your king is weak when one of the pieces ( probably knight ) takes your pawn on g5, then he will get two pawns for a minor piece + opened bishop that threats a 3rd pawn ( which is almost equal ) and a big initiative with a strong attack on your open king, and u will be busten in about 5-10 moves

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