we belong to a state in India with over 5000 active players. FIDE rating tournaments and FIDE rated players are here but we wish to start a new internal rating system like the USCF or ACF rating systems. Are there softwares or websites for this? Kindly advise

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It seems that rankade, our ranking system for sports, games, and more, fits your needs.

It's free to use and it's designed to manage rankings (and stats, including matchup stats, and more) for small to large groups of players.

Rankade doesn't use Elo, but its algorithm (called ree algorithm), although more complex (here's a comparison between most known rating system, including Elo, Glicko and TrueSkill), is similar to Elo if you play 1-on-1 matches only.

On rankade (besides other sports and games) we host many chess groups, clubs, and associations.


There are two alternative rating systems - Glick/Glicko-2 and EloRater.

I believe the author of EloRater is a member of this site - @JimGarner. You could try contacting him directly.

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