Which chess GUI will be good for Linux. I have tried a lot of GUI's, but as I am new at computer chess, I have no idea about pros and cons of chess GUI's.

Which is chess GUI will you recommend? Is that free? Is that opensource?

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    What exactly do you need a chess GUI for? As far as I understand chess GUI allow you to play against a computer engine or against players (human and silicon) on FICS/ICC. I do neither, so don't have a GUI installed. I do play against humans on lichess (via browser or app on phone) and use scid as a database/learning tool (which does interface with an engine). My point is, are you sure that you need a GUI? – user1583209 Feb 3 at 14:11
  • There is chess arena, which has a linux build. It's not super user friendly or eye catchy, but it gets the job done. – Isac Feb 4 at 10:28

I used http://www.pychess.org/download/ and https://sourceforge.net/projects/scidvspc/.

Linux chess applications are generally free and open source.

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