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If black 'mirrors' whites 4. d4 in the Scotch 4 Knights and white wants to play sharp, aggressive moves. what would be the best move? I know that chess engines like stockfish, GNU Chess etc. would calculate the next move for white as Bb5, but I want to exchange pieces. So what would the strongest capture be here?

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    Why do you want to exchange pieces? As white, you are pushing for an advantage. Usually, an even trade of pieces doesn't improve your position, so any simplification is just making your job of "winning this game" harder. – NoseKnowsAll Jan 26 at 4:47
  • If you really want to capture, just turn on stockfish and see which capture is ranked highest. But in general you should be playing the best moves, and not playing according to your personal tastes in all positions. – Inertial Ignorance Jan 26 at 23:27

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