I'm intending to play in the Oceania Zonal tournament (brochure) and direct titles will be awarded in this tournament. I'm interested in the WIM title. The FIDE handbook says in regards to the WIM title:

Sub-Continental Individual
1st equal – title;
Silver & Bronze – norm

1st equal = best 3 players after tiebreak;

The current list of entries are here and it includes WGM Julia Ryjanova (2308) and IM Irina Berezina (2109) who are much stronger than me. Both players, however, already have titles higher than the WIM title, and I would like to know if they "count" for awarding direct titles. Do I need to score at least as much as them?

Question: To earn a direct title for coming first in an official FIDE tournament, do we include players who already have that title?

Layla Timergazi (FIDE) received the WIM title at the last Oceania Zonal, but she was outright first (crosstable).


Yes, we include all the players who participated in the event. If you finish second after WGM Ryjanova, you will receive a norm but not the title. If you finish fourth, you receive neither, regardless of who is on the podium. If the level of the field is high with a lot of tilted players participating, it often occurs that no 'special' title is awarded at the end of the tournament.

For instance, the World Junior champion is awarded with a grandmaster title. This year, the tournament was won by Iran's Parham Maghsoodloo, who was already a GM. The first non-GM in the tournament, IM Sergei Lobanov, did not receive that title instead (he 'only' got a GM-norm for his third place).

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