Usually I use Lichess to analyse games, but sometimes I am offline. Is there any software with the capability of providing offline computer analysis, giving the rate of inaccuracies/mistakes/blunders and the average centipawn loss for a given game?

  • Only on Windows? – SmallChess Jan 2 at 9:49
  • Yes (I am using Windows). – Wais Kamal Jan 2 at 14:15

There are a number of options:



For all of the above, you should download the latest Stockfish and install it as an engine and use it for analysis, as it will likely be stronger than anything which comes by default.

I use HIARCS Chess Explorer, mainly due to the nice interface. I've heard Fritz can provide natural language analysis which could be useful for those new to chess engines.


I personally use Fritz you can play agains the computer as well as go to the analysis mode, I think that you can buy it here but you should be able to find a free version. I hope you find this information useful. Good Luck.

  • Thanks for your answer. Can Fritz annotate games or only give the best line of play? – Wais Kamal Jan 6 at 5:43

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