I'am looking for openings with white and black against strong junior players, which are mostly tactical beasts but not good at endgame.

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    what do you normally play? – Ywapom Oct 12 '18 at 14:37

I typically play double fianchetto (g3,b3 with white and g6,b6 with black); further pawn structure depends on responses; also sometimes playing b4,g4 - but that's more for speed chess; as general idea - some closed position where smart maneuvering matters and no direct encounters in opening if possible - or open 1,2 files and try to exchange few pieces


There is no guarantee to avoid big tactical complications in a chess game, regardless of the opening / defense played. Anyway, my advice would be to look at Ulf Andersson's opening repertoire with either color to maximize your chanches of playing an (early) endgame.

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