My question is a bit ambiguous and not that specific (it wouldn't be if I could remember more details):

I'm looking for a Najdorf game played against Lazaro Bruzon (or against Lenier?) probably around 10 years ago. Black sacrificed a rook for the black-squared bishop and then black dominated all the black squares. I think white played the English attack (Be3) and black replied e5. I also remember that the rook went to c4 and then e4 to capture the bishop in e3, if I'm not wrong. Can someone help me find this game?

Thank you!


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I found it! It was Lazaro Bruzon vs Vassily Ivanchuk, 11/2005. Here's the link to the game (totally recommended!): http://www.chessgames.com/perl/chessgame?gid=1366555

Thank you for the help!

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