This time an easy puzzle I made up today. White mates in three.

[FEN "7k/4Kp2/P4Np1/6R1/8/R6P/8/8 w - - 1 0"]
[fen "7k/4Kp2/P4Np1/6R1/8/R6P/8/8 w - - 1 0"]

1. Rh5+ gxh5 {if Kg7, Rh7#}
2. Rg3  h4
3. Rg8#
  • Oh, I had another solution in mind. Can you find it? – Albert Hendriks May 16 '18 at 4:56

Herb's solution works perfectly, but since you indicated in a comment that you were expecting for another one, maybe that's it.

[fen "7k/4Kp2/P4Np1/6R1/8/R6P/8/8 w - - 1 0"]

1. Rag3 Kg7
2. Rh5 g5
3. Rgxg5#


Here is a simple suggestion to fix the cook and make this solution the only one:

[fen "7k/4Kp2/P4Np1/6R1/7P/R7/8/8 w - - 1 0"]

1. Rag3 (1.Rh5? gxh5 2.Rg3? {stalemate}) (1.h5 Kg7) Kg7
2. Rh5 g5
3. Rgxg5#
  • 2
    Yes, this is the one i meant. Unfortunately it's a bad puzzle because it has two solutions. I overlooked that. – Albert Hendriks May 16 '18 at 16:53
  • It should not be too hard to avoid the cook. Anyway, having two solutions is acceptable for an exercise, but not for a problem. – Evargalo May 16 '18 at 16:56

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