This is a programming question related to chess endgame tables.

As far as I know syzygy tables allow me to get WDL and DTZ information for a given position. Is it possible to somehow (without access to chess engine) extract DTM information of a position from these tables?

Based on what I understood from python chess documentation, that minimaxing the DTZ will give you a win, but it does not guarantee the quickest win:

Minmaxing the DTZ values guarantees winning a won position (and drawing a drawn position), because it makes progress keeping the win in hand. However the lines are not always the most straightforward ways to win.

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No. It's not possible. People use Gaviota tablebase if they want to do DTM or the old Nalimov.

Syzygy tablebase is the most popular tablebase algorithm because it doesn't do DTM, better compression. You can't get both - information and size.

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