In this era of social networking, it is surprising there are no straight forward ways for sharing our games online.

Sharing means a possibility of sending a link to some one, who can just step through the game and the analysis easily or post it to facebook / twitter.

Having an embeddable player to put the game in our blog would be nice. But that's not the main thing I am looking for.

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Answering my own question for documenting what I use. I will keep this answer updated as I discover more ways.

  • lichess This is the simplest and cleanest way I found. Just copy pgn text and paste. It generates a nice little shareable link. Very nice interface to playback the moves. As a bonus, it also provides automatic (stockfish) engine analysis identifying the inaccuracies, mistakes, and blunders for the whole game. (usually within few seconds!)
  • Chess Pastebin is okay. It is good for games with minimal or no analysis. But the interface is cumbersome for games with a lot of analysis.
  • Chess Microbase is good for storing many games.
  • [NOT WORKING NOW] ChessPost is nice and simple. Particularly useful for the purpose the question mentions.
  • PGN4Web provides a good interface for a broad number of applications.
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    Chess Microbase is excellent!
    – detly
    Commented Mar 22, 2013 at 3:19

In these times, sharing the Movetext section from a PGN (and the starting position if needed) is enough to recreate the game. People can view the game using their favorite method (e.g PGN viewer, real board or maybe visualizing the moves in their heads if they are prodigy enough).

But if you really want to just share a link that displays the game, my choice would be LT-PGN-Viewer, just fill everything and then click Make Gamelink.

Note: there might be a limit on the number of moves you can pass, since the game is stored in the URL rather than saving the game somewhere and passing an ID). Also, a good idea is to shorten the link since it will probably be lengthy.

  • LT-PGN-Viewer is nice if the game to be sent in email. But some would prefer to have it hosted on the web and just send a link on IM or twitter.
    – rpattabi
    Commented Feb 13, 2013 at 3:41

The puzzle here offers a light-weight alternative, Apronus. It's quite simple: paste the PGN, click the 'Absorb' button and then 'Link to share'.

enter image description here


you can use the game explorer on chess.com, there's a database, it compares your game to other games, searches for related openings, and you can get a link to page.

using game explorer to analyse your games is always free, however to see other games, you have to be a premium member.

Also on chess.com, you have the analysis board editor, which is free and you can embed it in webpages. Click on "Game editor" tab -> "Embed" button.

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