It’s White to play and checkmate in two moves.

This puzzle was created by Frank Healey, and published in 5 Family Herald on 7/17/1858.

7R/1B1N4/8/3r4/1K2k3/8/5Q2/8 w - - 0 1

Use the fact that the rook is pinned, and that the king has few squares left; I'm thinking that 1.Rd8 Kd3 (only possible move) 2.Nc5# should be the solution.

[White "NN"]
[Black "NN"]
[FEN "7R/1B1N4/8/3r4/1K2k3/8/5Q2/8 w - - 0 1"]

1.Rd8 Kd3 2.Nc5#  
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Black is not in check, but still only has one move:

Check mate.

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Move the rook onto the same row as the king, king moves to the only possible square, checkmate by moving the bishop to a6?

  1. Rh4, Kd3 2. Ba6#
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    2. Ba6+ isn't a checkmate, Black can reply with 2...Rb5+. – JiK Jan 22 '18 at 14:20

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