Does anybody have Anki decks for tactics training?
If anyone has such decks, can you share them with me?

I am trying to improve my tactics and I heard that space repetition is one way to do that, so I want to have some decks to give it a shot.

I've been searching for chess tactics decks but I couldn't find any.


Truth is there isn't a lot out there for chess. The best I could find was this from the Ankiweb site - https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1176122148 There aren't many free decks for chess but it does guide you into how to make your own which you can do using puzzles that you find and like in books and the web.

For getting started with Anki Alex Vermeer's site has some useful stuff - https://alexvermeer.com/anki-essentials/

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You can easily craft your own anki decks based on pgn files. You just need to craft a .csv file that has on the first column the FEN positions as [fen]setup[/fen] and on the second column the solution. If you import the csv in Anki, you'll end up with cards that have the board set up in one side and the annotation on the other side.

I wrote a guide on how to manipulate pgn to craft csv files can be found here: https://jpr.space/posts/linux-anki-chess/

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