I am using SCID; the built-in ECO list is very incomplete and sometimes just weird. The Caro-Kann: Accelerated Panov Attack for example is called Caro-Kann: English Variation, the Carls-Botvinnik Defense hasn't even a name, and many sub-variations are just missing.

So I want to build my own list to use it in SCID.

I like the lichess opening list, but it is based on FEN positions, not on moves, and SCID needs the latter. I looked at the related questions here, and searched on Google, but couldn't find a good text file with moves and correct opening names.

How should I proceed? Maybe there is already such a file and I just haven't found it, or I can use FEN positions in SCID instead of moves?

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I maintain one here that you might like to take a look at to see if it is any use for your purposes:

PGN for ECO descriptions with moves

  • Hmm, yes, thanks, that's at least something. But the Accelerated Panov is called anti-Caro-Kann defence, that specifically is one of my pet bugs in the TWIC files. :) There are other issues, like giving the Masi variation its own main opening name Caro-Masi … I'd rather have something that I don't have to check line by line; there are just too many named lines.
    – fuxia
    Aug 3, 2017 at 20:20

I have created this list, but I'm not sure how well it matches your naming convention: http://cricketchess.pcriot.com/opg/

As a programmer, I can tell you it is very difficult to match an opening to PGN but much easier to match it to a FEN. In the case of the Caro-Kann, Accelerated Panov (and other openings as well), it is worthy to note that the opening goes by other names: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caro-Kann_Defence#Other_lines (B10, Modern; English Variation, Accelerated Panov: 1.e4 c6 2.c4).

I found that opening also called "Caro-Kann, Anti-Caro-Kann" for instance in my Android app.

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