I'm looking to buy a nice wooden set and board, something I've wanted for a long time. I have this Kasparov vs Karpov picture as my desktop background Kasparov vs Karpov

and I love the set, but I can't find one quite like it. Does anyone know the name of this style of set, or where I could get one?

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From Tony Rotella on the reddit page I pointed to this one:

They're DGT "Timeless" pieces: http://www.digitalgametechnology.com/index.php/products/eboard-chess-sets This has been a very standard FIDE design for a long time, though there have been slight modifications over the years to (at the least) the pawns and bishops I believe. You might also be interested in these, which are basically the same: http://www.houseofstaunton.com/the-championship-series-chess-set-3-75-king.html

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