I should be able to google this, but I don't know what the name for this item is:

I'm looking for a simple program that can be used to record and play back a chess game. I'm not looking for a computer program to play against, and I'm not looking for a client to connect to an ICS.

I just want to record the moves of an old-fashioned postal game.

Any suggestions for free programs that do this? I'd like suggestions for both Ubuntu and Windows.

Update: I recall using ECTool for this purpose in a previous century, but it seems to be not maintained beyond Windows XP.

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It sounds to me like what you want is a chess database program. If so, the one I would recommend is Scid, which is totally free, and comes in Windows, Linux and Mac flavors.


I use Zillions of games to record moves for my correspondence games. Over a few years of playing, I have created more than 2,000 files. You can get it for free: http://www.zillions-of-games.com and it knows other games than chess - and it also plays games.

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