I have rook, queen and my king he has only 2 pawn and king situation is to complicated and he cannot move anything except he has one move for pawn but if he moved pawn queen is directly checked to king so that pawn is wall. so in this situation match gonna mate or steel mate.

Pawn(White) | Empty       | Empty
king(White) | Pawn(White) | Queen(Black)
Empty       | Empty       | Empty      
King (Black)| Rook (Black)| Empty 

If the situation is as in the diagram below, it is stalemate. You correctly noticed that white has no legal moves: any potential move would put the white king into check, which is not allowed. Furthermore in the position the white king is not attacked, so it is stalemate (not mate).

       8/8/8/6rk/8/5qPK/7P/8 w - - 0 1

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