This is almost certainly public domain material by now (I believe it originates in a 1906 article), but I'm happy to buy it with or without Collection of Chess Studies if I can get it as a digital download somewhere.

Nunn defers to the original analysis because of how accurate it was. The derivative material on this endgame from other authors leaves too much unanswered for a more complete understanding (the original analysis contains dozens of pages).


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Troitsky's analysis of the endgame K+NN v K+P was published in the German magazine Deutsche Schachzeitung in 19 installments between 1906 and 1910. They all can be read online. I am not aware of an English translation. A Russian book featuring his full analysis was published during Troitsky's lifetime. Apart from that, I don't know of any other source.

Permalinks of the five relevant Deutsche Schachzeitung volumes follow below. In case that I missed an installment, serve yourself in the TOC at the beginning of each volume.

To access the full text you need to connect from a US IP address. If you are located elsewhere, use a VPN and set the USA as your country of origin.

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