Can someone point to me whereabouts in asmFish I can hardcode the SyzygyPath into the source code. I can do it in StockFish 8, however I've yet to find it in the source code of asmFish. I'll be using the Linux version.

Any help much appreciated.

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    Assembly language... – SmallChess Nov 7 '16 at 11:10
  1. I don't think you should hard-core SyzygyPath because the ASM engine follows the UCI protocol. You can just send the SyzygyPath option to the engine.

  2. If you insist to modify the assembly language (I don't recommend), goto https://github.com/tthsqe12/asm/blob/f34c20b25c2160b27efda5c5c388ff5e66636d3e/asmFish/guts/Uci.asm.

Find this:

        lea    rcx, [sz_syzygypath]
        call   CmpStringCaseless
        lea    rbx, [.SyzygyPath]
        test   eax, eax
        jnz   .CheckValue

Try to replace the path with 'C:\MyPath\'.

Note: My recommendation is not tested, but I am sure that's the code you'll need to change.

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